Ubisoft confirm character(s) in Far Cry 4 is gay. Affect your purchase?

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The protagonist/playable character may be gay as well. Would you still buy a game if this was the only option? At least in Mass Effect or Dragon age, you have the choice to go gay or not for your own character. I hope the gameplay and map editor are good though. I loved it in FC2.

After a few calls and busy phone lines, I was able to reach Public Relations Manager Marie-Michelle Crevier. I asked her about the reason behind including the stereotypical images as well as making the character gay. The response of “What images are you referring to?” I admit took me for surprise. When I mentioned the all pink clad effeminate man with frosted hair, teased eyebrows as well as all the pen**-centric images (of which I listed them all), the response changed to “We weren’t planning on releasing that information yet”. I attempted to confirm by asking again if he is gay but they are just not releasing the fact that he is gay yet. Ms. Crevier responded in the affirmative by saying “Yes. But sir you’ll need to contact the San Francisco office and speak to Scott Fry for any more information.

The image of the cover. has submissive male kneeling next to purple guy, supposedly the villain. Less info is known on the playable character.
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Anyone whose purchase is effected by a character being homosexual needs to check their priorities.

As long as they don't show some X-rated things going on then I don't see the issue.
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No, honey.
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I'm still going to get it and I have no problem with people being homosexual but it is annoying how companies are shoe horning in gay characters just to make themselves look better.

If the character has a legit reason for being gay or if it helps push the plot then great. Don't just do it for the headlines it creates though.
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Man I could care less but I'm so sick of having this shoved down my throat everywhere in media hell by this point most ppl no longer even care but are sick of hearing about it like sports fans and Micheal Sam
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BDJayce posted...
Anyone whose purchase is effected by a character being homosexual needs to check their priorities.

As long as they don't show some X-rated things going on then I don't see the issue.

Why do I need to check my priorities? Sorry, I don't want to pay to see a product with a homosexual romance story. It just doesn't appeal to me. If the game just basically tells me that the character is gay but their sexuality is never demonstrated then fine, but I really don't want to see any love story featuring two men.
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I'll have to pass if the main character is gay
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Why does it even need to be brought up?
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Why would it affect my purchase?