XBOX 360 owners still hesitant to purchase XBOX ONE, even with $100 price cut!!

#31MrDolfanPosted 6/10/2014 6:16:39 PM
shawnmck posted...
Microsoft really hurt their brand with all the DRM shenanigans and forced kinect.
Whether gamers plan on buying an XBO now or when the price drops, they will still wonder about where the system is headed and whether MS will return to its initial plan of heavy-DRM policies.
Microsoft shot themselves in the foot, and it all could have been avoided if they listened to the outcry of the fan-base from the start, but they didn't and chose to be arrogant ****** instead.
So they are now reaping what they sowed.

In my opinion, what would really help Microsoft would be to re-design the console (sort of a slimmer model), but have it ready to play games right out of the box, no-more having to connect it to the Internet just to down-load a patch to disable the 24-hour DRM check.
That will convince XB 360 owners that MS is committed to supporting its fan base.
Otherwise, the XBO is doomed.

I bought a PS3 after hearing all the BS that they tried to implement. I wanted to get used to play some Sony exclusives to get ready for the PS4. The only thing that could win me back is a significant price drop before Christmas.
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