Microsoft admits the Xbox One performs better without Kinect

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the boost will be nice, but isn't that big a difference. They are trying to hype up the system with "oooooo it's more powerful now!" Just marketing bs. Also this is one foot in the grave for the Kinect.
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That really changes nothing.

By raw power alone PS4's GPU is 40% stronger than Xbox one's GPU, so technically PS4's GPU was 50% STRONGER when Xbox One GPU was using 10% for Kinect.

so?, nobody said that changes anything, this is not a gentallia contest, stop comparing it to your beloved PS4

And if it was a genitalia contest the Xbox is bigger.

Sure is but, sadly as it contains the word "box", it is not thr type of genitalia that you would brag about being "big" ;-)

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they didnt admit anything, because all those consoles without kinect, can still use a kinect.
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It's not that you cannot use the Kinect camera.

It's just that the Xbox One will perform better without it.
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Oh, oh, when will Mr Tall show up?! :O
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