Dead Rising gets boring after you finish it

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1 year ago#1
Agree? Im trying to go o nteh 2nd play through but at lvl 26 i feel burnt out and seen it all.

Too bad the campaign doesnt change the 2nd time around. Its pretty much the exact same thing.
1 year ago#2
That's the case for 99% of all games.
1 year ago#3
ssjgohhku posted...
That's the case for 99% of all games.

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1 year ago#4
I stopped at the beginning of second play through.
I must admit though, that I think I've only completed a handful if game's campaigns more than once in all of my lifetime (such as FF7, SM64, etc.)
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1 year ago#5
Maybe some people liked it better in the other two where it seemed impossible to see everything the first time through. I guess I could see that. Different style.
1 year ago#6
There are very very few games that don't get boring after i finished them. I have played through 100s of games in my life but there are only a handful that i didn't get boring and i did more then playthroughs in. Super Mario World, Resident Evil 4 and Shadow of the Colossus are the only ones i can think that i played through a handful of times.
1 year ago#7
After you finish it? It gets boring as soon as you take the plastic off the case.
1 year ago#8
Got boring halfway every dead rising game. I only play it to have fun and kill zombies, the stories suck. Unfortunately it was one of the better launch games between the 2 consoles.
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1 year ago#9
According to Smartglass I have played DR3 for 107 hours and have every achievement including the DLC so no I do not agree.
1 year ago#10
I played it on nightmare mode first and couldn't do anything but the missions. I jumped in right after I beat it, and did everything I skipped from nightmare mode. The game was fun and can't wait until the DLC goes on sale, so I can play them.
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