if you are a fan of xbox (like 30% of people here) Tomorrow should be good

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JusticeSword posted...
Last year they showed crimson skies, dead rising 3, & titanfall, look how they turned out.

Ouch... how embarrassing. Trying to troll and you can't even name the right games.
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i just don't care what everyone is thinking and hyped for. there are 3 games i know i already want to buy this year ea sports ufc forza horizon and destiny now i get to see more of it and maybe other games i can pick up later next year.

i never get hyped or follow a game every video and all that jazz and im never disapointed people get disapointed because they worry about tha tone game the entire time till its out and then there already burnt out on the idea of the game or expect it to be ground breaking and new ayadada

were barley 2 years into production th egames will only get better. alot ideas are rehased games so what.

i expect a game thats fun. nothing creative or new. why should we just becaues its next gen? not even computer games are truely that amazing in those terms so why would consoles be different?
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CapwnD posted...
axelfooley2k5 posted...
i see no way these guys can not bring a conference filled with nothing but games games games after last year

Last year it was filled with nothing but games games games.

This. Are people so forgetful here?

The difference this year is that you don't have the negative policies in play and a more attractive SKU for the console alone.

Not much for Sony to troll with now. Just games for everyone.
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I'm a fan of games. I like some genres of games better than others but I don't care who releases the ones I like. That's not my concern.

I have one concern for tomorrow, that Nintendo's 30minute Q&A session about some hot new game is supposedly a 3DS title. The 3DS doesn't need help, the Wiiu does. I want to see Zelda, Metroid or something other than mario. I'm sick of that fat plumber.
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I'm confident it will be good but not holding my breathe, I've been disappointed by all 3 multiple times in the past
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I'll be honest...my most anticipated titles are not exclusive and not 1st party titles.
"Do not be to eager to deal out death and judgment, for even the very wise cannot see all ends." -Gandalf