Do you think Microsoft would announce an exclusive JRPG later at the conference?

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Samuel 025 posted...
I do get what you're saying and agree. I'm talking froma pure business standpoint. Microsoft will want part of that JRPG market, which is why they would want their own game. The 360 had a few. Nothing groundbreaking, but it was there. The only JRPG game I'm really a fan of is Dragon Quest, so I'm set with my 3DS.

IMO, Microsoft will only really branch if JRPG sell really high, but on a microsoft product, doesn't seem likely. But, there's always a chance, even if it's low.
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Microsoft isn't popular in Japan. Why would they waste money subsidizing an exclusive JRPG for a fanbase that won't but their system?

Yes because only Japanese people play JRPG's...
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Qc89 posted...
Did Lost odyssey sell a lot? It was an awesome game, and a 360 jrpg exclusive

From what I gathered, Lost Odyssey sold about 500k roughly worldwide. Blue Dragon sold a little over 200k, I think.

And there is the reason it's not worth it to them. Paying for an exclusive or producing their own for maybe 600k sales is not worth it in the least.
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