will Halo 3 and 4 also have improved graphics?

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1 year ago#11
Gunvalkyrie2 posted...
_Ness_ posted...
3 and 4 aren't getting the full remastered treatment. They are getting upgraded to 1080p/60fps though.

still good. what were they before?

3's 1152x640 30fps. Oh and 4's 720p 30?
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1 year ago#12
da_StoOge posted...
What I'm wondering is what they meant by 6 Halo 2 maps getting the Xbox One treatment.

Does that mean the others map will look like they originally did, that there will only be six maps for online, or maybe I just misheard or misunderstood the comment?

I don't know what they meant by it, but you didn't misunderstand. They mention six Halo 2 maps were getting remade with the power of Xbox One. On the Halo Waypoint website they are listing information on a Halo at E3 day one section so hopefully that means we will be hearing more about this soon.
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  3. will Halo 3 and 4 also have improved graphics?

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