Is Halo still the King of FPS?

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Never was...even when it originally released in 2001 the PC did FPS games better.

Halo and counter strike. Halo revolutionized regenerating health, varied gametypes and deep story. It's a game years ahead of its time. The fact this many years later so many still wanna play halo 2 proves it
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I feel like the only person out there that's tired of halo and couldn't care less about this.
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Nope, not since Halo 3. Reach and 4 were both terrible.
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cod is laughing at you
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With Halo 1 online multiplayer about to happen, yes, Halo has retaken its throne. I literally will never need another online FPS again, ever.
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Nope it fell from its glory days after Halo 2.
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There's no FPS better than it in my eyes.
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Although CoD and BF would probably have something to say about that.

Quality over quantity here, Making 3-4 games then putting the last one out under a new name/graphics 10 times doesn't count. Battlefield is ok, but needs online pass and has no split-screen. Halo changes something every time, and is AWESOME.
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Reach and 4 were both Awesome.

I fixed your spelling mistake.
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