So MS gets an average review, how come?

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2 years ago#31
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hard at work, I see
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2 years ago#32
NEO do you even realize the irony in your post probably not.

You sit there trying to pass your opinion off as fact.

You say the conference was underwhelming any person who thinks other wise is a xbot or maybe they are.... Man what are those people called oh yeah gamers.
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2 years ago#33
It was an average show. No megatons, they played it pretty safe.
2 years ago#34
Only Sony is allowed to show multiplats 'round here.
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2 years ago#35
NeoAnduril posted...
bridog346 posted...
Because hating on Microsoft is the only thing some people have in their lives.

Except for all the xb1 trolls who literally have no job because they spend all day trolling this board and spamming reassurance topics.

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2 years ago#36
bob15x posted...
horizon 2
Ori and the blind forest
Halo colleciton
sunset overdrive
phantom dust
fable legends
dance game.
project spark

dlc for forza 5 and dead rising

compared to

tomb raider
dragon age

Yep, mostly multiplatforms. I may have missed some on each list but thats 10 console exclusives vs 5 multi. The presentation was neither bad nor good but don't lie.

I swear the sony fanboys have something wrong with their brain. They tune things out. Just like they said all those games shown were all first person shooters.

So damn true.
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