R6: Siege just took a fat dump all over Hardline

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looks rough visually.

LOL it looked good for PRE-alpha footage.

Transliteration for Ubi-Soft:

"LOL it looked good for concept cgi render masquerading as gameplay."

Seriously doubt that. I think they said it would be playable at E3.
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I have been playing a bit of the hardline beta on my PS4, its pretty rough at the moment. Honestly I am sure there is more strategy to it, but it plays just like a BF4 obliteration match with worse graphics and framerate and ugly downtown maps. Not impressed with the beta.
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Rainbow 6 has been a bright spot in my FPS playing days since Rainbow 6 3 on PC...

Great times playing Vegas 1 & 2... A lot of fun and adrenaline rush playing online...

Day one buy, sucks we have to wait till next year...
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