Poll of the Day on Gfaqs, Why MS get C for E3 but Sony get B?

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Xbox has always been the underdog on gamefaqs. Gamefaqs polls don't match up with reality of sales in many proven cases.

Amazon top lists seem to disagree with you.

And yet, if we went by gfaqs polls, 360 would've had a quarter of the lifetime sales it actually achieved.

Your head

Amazon =/= gamefaqs.

Please read my posts more thoroughly next time.

> responds to statement about historically inaccuracy of gamefaqs polls with some irrelevant Amazon snapshot
> "please read posts lol"
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I'm not sure how Amazon's sales are considered to be irrelevant when you're the one who brought sales up in the first place. Amazon provides, well, sales. If you don't want to talk about sales, why would you even bring it up in the first place?

Please for God's sakes and your own please check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Besides, your latest post is an ad hominem fallacy, which is a common tactic for those who have no arguments.
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Because the fans spoke honesty. not fanboysism etc. some will be pc gamers, nintendo also to say that sony owners sabotaged the votes is crazy. yes its the web there are trolls but to say there are that many to sway the votes I doubt it. MS revealed exclusive games that are sequals to already established games, Sony did the same but everyone has always said they have had the better exclusives so its natural they would take that out. Also the new IPs both revealed Sony had the better it seems. As for the other games MS revealed some of them were multi plat so its hard to grade it to MS just for airing it knowing that the others will get it also
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