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2 years ago#11
I mostly agree with you TC, serious lack of gameplay for the new titles. Both Sony and MS had a great show but like you stated, MS had no shock value. I was surprised by Crackdown but it wasn't anywhere near as
shocking as freaking Grim Fanadango!

Sony dropped the ball with tv and peripheral talk but I think they showed some unique looking titles. MS showed a ton of games but I expected most of it already and I'll be buying most of it so it was cool.

I think they highlights from both shows were ACunity, Farcry 4, Fable Legends, Crackdown, and Hardline.

The best of show so far for me were Inside and Grim Fanadango...I have been waiting forever for a GF remake so I'm sold on a PS4 to go with my X1.
2 years ago#12
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2 years ago#13
Good post TC. I haven't watched the Sony conference yet, time zones and work, but from reading up on it I have a reasonable grasp of what they delivered.

I am glad MS went games, games, games and their quantity of exclusives was great. Personally the quality of exclusives, for me, were about even between the consoles. Which is great news, as I want the xbone for exclusives down the line.

CGI videos are great to get me interested, but I have no clue what scaleborn is going to play like! I'd like a bit of gameplay, but at the same time people would moan if we saw alpha gameplay... Because people moan.

I think I was a little underwhelmed with MS and I think I will be underwhelmed with Sony, and I was quite looking forward to it!
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