Do you think the Xbox One is on its last leg?

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Let's see, they just had a great E3 with plenty of positive buzz and they're going to be selling the console at $399 (by FAR the biggest factor in disparity in sales w/ the $399 PS4 so far), I don't think any amount of wishful thinking on your part is going to help TC.

That they've even managed to sell as well as they have after the disaster that was last year......things are only going to be better now....I know its tough to hear.

Please give us your estimate on June's NPD numbers so we can have a nice base for discussion later (:

Instead of worrying about "June NPD numbers", I'd be more concerned with a SONY that seems a little too confident in their current position.

We have all seen what happens when their gaming division gets a little too comfortable in the idea that " yeah, they'll buy it just cause its a PlayStation, we end up with E3 2014.....err, I mean E3 2005.

You really think that Sony's E3 presser yesterday was terrible?

I didn't even think their '05 presentation was "terrible" tbqh, but as a company, they have a history of phoning it in when they seem to get a little to comfy in their market position.

Do I think yesterday was exactly like 2005, where they took the attitude that people were going to take on a second job just to afford their 599 US Dollar Blu-ray playe.....errr, I mean PlayStation3? No, but I think the initial trajectory could be argued.
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