So the Halo Xbox 360 community is split between those playing the MC Collection?

#1levyjl1988Posted 6/10/2014 1:05:38 PM
While there's a Halo 4 population on Xbox 360 and another Halo 3 population.
There's going to be a divide so we can't play with each other because of dedicated servers?

So our multiplayer ranks and progress does carry over right?
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#2Sniper_BrosefPosted 6/10/2014 1:12:23 PM
The f*** are you talking about in here?
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#3FinzFan4lifePosted 6/10/2014 1:14:44 PM
He's worried there will be less people playing halo on XB1 and I don't know if rank carries over it's not on servers or anything.
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#4motoraptorPosted 6/10/2014 1:16:12 PM
Most people (correctly) assumed that there is no interaction between 360 players and One players.

As for stats carrying over, that's something you'd hope for 343 to talk about in an interview or something. No one here can say for certain.