Final Fantasy Type 0 is one of the greatest games and stories ever created

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Xbox One fans should feel great priviledge for getting FF Type 0 also.

FF Type 0 is the last single player Final Fantasy rpg that preserves the golden age of FF rpgs.

* 3D massive world globe with various terrain and open travel.
* controllable airship as well as rideable airships.
* chocobos that are usable early on (instead of very late)
* possesses quantity AND quality
* the greatest battle system in the rpg series (real-time action based with depth and customization)
* the greatest party and Job system ever (14 soldiers each with their unique weapon, style and personality, making each one irreplaceable and special in their own way. Some are easier and others require more skill and tactics. Players can really customizable various team setups.)
* leader switch (anyone can be the leader inside and outside battles. FFXII had this too, but the characters were less unique gameplay wise.)
* combat that rewards skill and timing (Kill Sight)
* controllable Summons
*Trinity Attacks
* Arena (built in, not DLC)
* open minded storytelling (instead of glorifying a single character, Type 0 explores the story from various angles and different lives. Creating a much more diverse and wholesome experience. Being the first war story in Final Fantasy that strongly centers on military life, it is brilliant and fascinating treating Class Zero equally as a whole, making them feel more human.)
* war battlefield simulation on the world map (Skirmishes)
*Airship combat
* sidequests and optional major battles
* Towns
* unique expression of war in world filled with magic and advanced technology. Each country having it's own culture and military strengths.
* the largest cast of characters spread across multiple factions.
* the coolest explorable headquarters since Balamb Garden.
* blood and mature graphic violence
* hardcore optional mission challenges

It might just get an HD filter, but considering it's new gen only, they might give the graphics a full makeover for something that is close to CG quality ingame graphics. Well they might use
Luminous Engine to enhance/upgrade the models and enviornments, maybe add advanced physics to the capes. I think since this is new gen hardware only, SE might be ambitious enough to make this jaw dropping visually (it's already jaw dropping gameplay, characters and story wise.) so it gets more attention.

but overall this is one game Xbox One gamers could really look forward to.
This is what Final Fantasy X should have been.

(psp version footage)
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You should never feel priviledged about anything FF,series died over a decade ago,in fact I would not even be mad if it wasn't even being released,unless its FF7 HD remake no thank square.
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watch your mouth TC about being grateful luckily i did beat this on psp

but this is a good game western people should be grateful so correct that sentence because western RPgs suck and Jrpgs have sense and FF sold out long ago this game is whats keeping it up there
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everyone should look forward to it, not just ms fans, ps4 players will enjoy it as well
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Day 1 buy!
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crucial posted...
You should never feel priviledged about anything FF,series died over a decade ago,in fact I would not even be mad if it wasn't even being released,unless its FF7 HD remake no thank square.

Sorry but I'm afraid your incorrect as Square Enix died over a decade ago on the main consoles. With an overemphasis on graphics they were doomed from the start.

However the handheld games have been well recieved and dare i say they haven't released a bad game in this category. Theatrythm, Dissidia, Kingdom Hearts, Crisis Core, even 3d remakes of older Final fantasies and additions to others.

Square is aware of this and Final Fantasy Type Zero is a PsP game that released post Vita and never shipped over seas possibly due to the Vita's lack of compatibility.

Basically Type Zero is a port of a portable game it's the year 2014 and portable systems have the best games Vita excluded heck the 3ds global sales are more than all the current systems combined even 5x that of the Vita.
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#8Yuri_LowelIPosted 6/10/2014 3:27:28 PM
Western gamers greatful? Piss off with this elitist xenophobe attitude. There's been tons of great RPGs in the pat 10 years. Not western devs fault most jrpgs especially ff have been garbage. No one should be Greatful for a psp game that will finally be released that should have been released ages ago. Im sure tis. A great game but let's not act like it's the greatest game of all time. It's not.
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Great news!
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Ive come to the conclusion TC is actually a robot.