Who is worse at relying on their biggest franchise? MS or Ninty?

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the thing is Nintendo will never die.

MS and Sony will both stop their consoles before Nintendo will.

MS is relies on their console more than Nintendo will, MS has shareholders are hungry for huge profits, whereas the Nintendo has shareholders that is happy to get a profit for their investments
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They realized whay a hit TLOU was and want people to buy it again. At least Halo 4 came out more than a year ago.

Honestly, have people just never heard of "collector's editions" or "complete editions"? Re-releasing a game with all of its add-ons included has been a common practice since the PS2, at least.

OK, then why is doing the same thing with 4 games on the same disc a problem?

Because the last of us is very new and not a lot of people played it. The PS3 was severely holding it back...it only made sense to port it over. Everyone who cares about halo already cares.
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let me just end this silly discussion right here...


there was a sequel to "Mario Teaches Typing"