Feel like you should have been compensated for buying the X1/Kinect early?

#31Road_Kill_666Posted 6/11/2014 10:17:38 PM
Sony fans need to stick to their console and not even buy both. Ever since the great PSN outage for 30 days and sony bribing everyone who was crying and then they stopped, now everyone wants something for nothing. They want reparations for everything. If you bought day one then you paid to play day one and every day sense. If you didn't want Day one then you shouldn't have paid for it, no one force anyone to buy day one. You could have waited 6 months and since you didn't you shouldn't get jack for free for it. Price drops are a fact of life and you shouldn't get comped because you lacked the will power to wait for one. TC came to cry and said no one will stop him from crying but he wants to be heard. So we hear, and still don't care and neither does M$ so #DealWithIt. someone needs attention and discounts to feel better about gaming. So sad.
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No commentary. No advertisements. Gameplay only ... http://www.youtube.com/user/kyllingefod