Which games earned a pre-order by you?

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2 years ago#1
Lots of great games at E3, which ones did you pre-order?

- Battlefield: Hardline
- Halo: Master Chief Collection
- Dragon Age Inquisition
- Witcher 3 Collectors Edition (the video about the statue sold me, I'm a sucker for good marketing)
- Evolve
- Destiny (...buuuut I'm still not entirely sold on this one. We'll see after the beta)

October is really going to hurt the wallet.
2 years ago#2
None, except the Last of Us Remastered and GTA 5. Those are the only games I know I'll be 100% happy with.
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2 years ago#3
Just the new mass effect. But that goes without saying. I'll pre order that when its available for pre orders.
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2 years ago#4
Halo: MCC
Dragon Age
Witcher 3
Evolve (Cthulu!!!)
Assassins Creed Unity
Far Cry 4
Maybe TLoU remaster
GTAV (again)
Dead Island 2
Xenoblade Chronicles X
Pokemon Omega Ruby
Maybe Bloodborne
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2 years ago#5
I already feel broke, lol.

Assassin's Creed Unity
Battlefield: Hardline
Bayonetta 2
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Dead Island 2
The Evil Within
Far Cry 4
Grand Theft Auto V (Again)
Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Hyrule Warriors
The Last of Us Remaster
Mortal Kombat X
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS
Sunset Overdrive
Witcher 3

Maybe more, lol.
2 years ago#6
wow what do you guys do for a living?
2 years ago#7
and no MGS5 in anyones posts so far tsk tsk tsk ohhhhhhhhh kaaaaaaaaayyyyyy
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2 years ago#8
The games that were interesting to me at e3 I already preordered ages ago. The rest, either I didn't care for or there wasn't enough shown to warrant a preorder.
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2 years ago#9
None, I'll just buy them when I want them.
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2 years ago#10
I generally don't pre-order. Not unless theres some sort of significant pre-order bonus or limited edition with stuff I actually want in it.

Now if you mean what games announced at E3 have already won me over on a purchase then it's probably just the Master Chief Collection. Everything else needs to prove it's worth but I'm almost confident that I'll buy Scalebound. I liked all of Platinum's games I've played except Mad World
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