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2 years ago#1
Does anyone knows if it is possible to listen to your custom music in the background? i love listening to my own library, make my playlist and not having to deal with third party apps nor subscriptions... but i just cant get use to playing games with snap, i have tried but man i need my whole screen.

Any idea is if making the app run in the background is in the works ? or if MS is even considering this??
2 years ago#2
2 years ago#3
2 years ago#4
Not yet, xbox music or you tube snapped is all as of now. They're working on it supposedly. Snapping sucks though.
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2 years ago#5
Snapping has its uses, dont get me wrong i just dont like it when playing games. hope they make it run in the background soon.
2 years ago#6
Vote for these!
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2 years ago#7
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