1000 indie games doesn't mean your console is a must buy.

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What is with indie games. Why are they the cool thing? I blame overrated, flash games like super meat boy, flower, etc. Why are we supposed to love pixelated games that look like they came from the NES, and deep, angsty stories like Gone home (what a horrible "game").

Now, I'm not saying all indie games are crap, but 90% are. And with good reason. The developers don't have millions of dollars to make a game like big companies do.

Wanna play an old indie that kicks ass and doesn't make you wanna puke with its pretentiousness?

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Because indie games take risks, they try new things. They add new twists to established ideas.
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Eh, I think some make too much out of indie games and then some make too little out of them as well. I like em and I have a solid eye for what I'll like so I wont typically have to wade through garbage ones.

They aren't the be all end all but they are relevant.
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AwayFromHere posted...
Because indie games take risks, they try new things. They add new twists to established ideas.

Yeah, if they put all those things you mentioned above gameplay, then no thank you.

I also forgot slender. People going crazy over that.
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Doom was not a indie title. That term wasn't even used during that time. ID software was a well established company buy the time they released Doom.
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Doom was distributed by shareware, which means the gave one episode for free, and you had to send them money to get the rest of the game.

Doom was developed in a house those guys (less than 10 if my memory serves me well) rent, while "borrowing" the computers from their day jobs.

The doom shareware was uploaded on a university's server, as those guys didn't have a website.

If that isn't truly indie, then I don't know WTF it is...