Microsoft got me!

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The reason I bought both the PS4 and Xbox One is I don't want to have to regret not being able to play some sweet exclusives on either system.

It took me a while to warm up to the idea of owning PS3 with it's higher price point and I was enamored with my 360. After I did pretty well on a trip to Las Vegas I decided to use some of my winnings to buy the PS3. Once I picked up Uncharted 2 I knew I made the right choice to buy the system and decided right then that owning both major consoles was the way to go.
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Tajaz2426 posted...

I did take that as fanboy, which I sir and not!

Nah, I know. You're alright in my book my good man. : )
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Ponies are the ones that gallop to the Xbox boards whenever they feel like they need hugs from other ponies.
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Well, at least you know a great series when you play one. The Sony Ponies will never give it any credit I assure you.

Had all 3 MS machines, I detest Halo.

Just so you know it isn't just Sony Ponies who hate it.

I would take literally any other exclusive series over it, even Blinx (of which the second sucked).

GOW was my MS exclusive I raved about, best series last gen IMO.

Before that, Gotham.

This gen, well both QB and Sunset have huge potential for best new MS franchise.

If Sunset stays exclusive.

I see it going multiplatform ONLY and I really mean ONLY if Sony relinquishes the ownership of insomniacs other titles ie ratchet and clank

then I think they will work together again, a of now MS let them keep the ip in exchange to work w them, and that's what's for the foreseeable future going to keep SO exclusive

Good to know :)
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