does your xbox log directly into live the moment it goes into your profile?

#1axelfooley2k5Posted 6/16/2014 1:04:16 PM
or does it take about 10 seconds after your profile has loaded for live to log on?

for me it takes 10 seconds after i log in my profile for live to say im on

anyone else or am i just unlucky
#2Masterchief5525Posted 6/16/2014 1:05:13 PM
Logs on just fine for me
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#3zmousePosted 6/16/2014 1:06:15 PM
Masterchief5525 posted...
Logs on just fine for me
#4axelfooley2k5(Topic Creator)Posted 6/16/2014 1:09:23 PM
yea ....i have a good connection to the web

i have zero problems once it connects
i am never thrown out of multiplayer
and my ping is consistently around 30ms