You are in a Zombie apacalypse with the weapon you last used weapon in a game

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11 months ago#11
zerooo0 posted...
pblimp360 posted...
Do cars count? I was last playing Forza 5 and I used my Bugatti as a weapon to knock other cars out of my way for 1st place lol

I guess so since almost anything could be considered a weapon.....just hope you don't run out of gas.

Well considering there is no protection in the front of those vehicles, except fiber glass. Ramming a few zombies at quite the speed would severely damage the front it, assuming he doesn't wreck it going fast. Lmfao. And as for me, would be a crossbow, as I am using that in Skyrim with 999 Bolts.
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11 months ago#12
I'm using my fists because I got confident in PVP on Dark Souls 2 and thought I would be a BAMF and punch people to death. Not great results.
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11 months ago#13
So, I have Max's magic marker. The possibilities are endless!
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11 months ago#14
Haha, I've been playing Gears of War 3 a ton lately, I think I'll survive just fine.
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11 months ago#15
AK 47 from Watchdogs, I'll probably be ok lol
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11 months ago#16
Snake's souped up M4 from MGS4. I'll be alright.
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11 months ago#17
a spaceship from crimzon clover...yeah i would survive with that.
if only traditional weapoons count then the sword from knightmare tower.
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11 months ago#18
Wildfire assault rifle from Watch Dogs
11 months ago#19
Magic marker from Max: The Curse of Brotherhood.
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11 months ago#20
A bad-ass sword and shield set in Ryse. This is probably the best thing you could have for the long haul.
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  3. You are in a Zombie apacalypse with the weapon you last used weapon in a game

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