According to Sony almost 50% of PS4 owners did not own a PS3.

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When they did the Release for the Xbone with it's DRM and such announcements, my group of RL friends jumped from 360 to Ps4 pretty quick, Im sure there were 1000's of people with that same experience.

Yep that was a determining moment for myself. I was leaning towards PS4 because I was tired of the whole Halo/Gears/Forza merry-go-round, but when they did all of the DRM announcements, it was a no brainer for me to switch at that point. Now that is all gone and Kinect is gone, as I previously said, I'm just waiting on the games
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How many of that 50% owned a PS2? How many were traitors?

Traitors is a pretty strong word.

lmao it's a video game forum.
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This doesn't relate to Xbox One. Sure, it shows something about XBox 360 gamers, but nothing directly relating to Xbox One.

So why post it here?
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pwnater777 posted...
This doesn't relate to Xbox One. Sure, it shows something about XBox 360 gamers, but nothing directly relating to Xbox One.

So why post it here?

It means the XBOX ONE isn't attracting buyers and the PS4 is.

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Had a PS2, loved it and then pretty much abandoned it once Xbox came out, went right to 360 and never bought a PS3.
Xbone looks like a big let down on so many levels although its now getting some games I really want. Was heavily considering PS4 but e3 made it about 55/45 ps4-xbone
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what does this have to do with the xbox one?
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Kinect, DRM, paywalls, underpowerd, overpriced brick, what did you expect, xbox and 360 were well made competitive consoles and even tho ps was the more popular console in my opinion the early xboxs were much better but after the xb1 reveal i decided to get a ps4 and am so glad i did xb1 is the biggest joke of next gen.
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Izraeil posted...

Has MS said anything about what percentage of XB1 owners are new consumers for them?

Well PS4 is the superior console between the 3. All multi platform games run best on PS4. So its pretty much expected most gamer will go with the best console.

Some loyal gamer will stay with xbone and wii u tho. Many will get multiple console too. Currently I have PS4 and Wii U. I might get Xbone ar some point when its worth the price. Still looking for reason to get one.

Settling for inferior console and inferior multiplatforn games is ok.Especially if you still love halo and mario. Nothing is wrong with that. Do it as long as it make you happy.