xbox one will defeat ps4 in this month sales

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nableet posted...
I assume you mean US only?

It is possible, but it would probably require a sharp drop in PS4 sales and a sharp rise in Xbone sales.

No. Not in the US, not anywhere.
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As low as this board has sunk, I can actually approve of topics like this, where ponies successfully troll other ponies. Good on you TC
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People were simply afraid of nsa peeping into their living room


As funny as that does seem I did honestly see people saying this. I didn't think it would be such a big deal to people but people were worried about that.

I sincerely doubt it had enough of an impact to suppress sales by hundreds of thousands. Maybe tens of thousands at most.

If anything, it's the price that mattered.
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This is like having 21 in blackjack and asking for another card. You got a thing for boots?
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Titanfall included with most bundles at a discounted price couldn't even topple PS4 in NPD. And this is WITH kinect, which doesn't even need to be used regardless.

History isn't on your side TC, but good luck.
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SuperSuikoden posted...
Only fanboys care about sales.

you're an obvious troll, doorman.
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I honestly don't care on the sales but I kinda want the ps4 to sell more now just so I can watch you eat a boot.
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That's because everyone already owns a PS4
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kos12 posted...
SuperSuikoden posted...
Only fanboys care about sales.

Bakin dem kookayz... o_O