What's the best Xbox One game for a manly man?

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2 years ago#11
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Waiting for: No Man's Sky, Destiny, Rogue Legacy, The Witness, Fallout 4
2 years ago#12
(message deleted)
2 years ago#14
Krampus617 posted...
You know, the kind of man who enjoys camping with only a knife. The kind of man who has never gotten high because mowing his lawn is enough. The kind of man who considers good steak grilling as vital a skill as knowing how to iron a suit. The kind of man with 20+ rules to tell when NOT to tuck in your shirt. The kind of man who would buy a shot for another man because he has a bigger beard. The kind of man who knows how to field dress and butcher a bear. The kind of man secure enough to cry at Old Yeller. The kind of man who can make a landmine out of spare shotgun shells and a model rocket. The kind of man who considers a box of Crayons a potential life saving tool.

What would this manly man like?

I feel like I just saw a old spice commercial.
Got it memorized?
2 years ago#15
dnmt posted...
Ryse has a lot of sweaty men penetrating each other, try that.

I'd wait for a sale. I don't pay top dollar to penetrate men.

CaIiber345 posted...

It was hard to think of different intro messages >_<

_MrENigma_ posted...
The MANLIEST game E.V.E.R! Viva Pinata! (Seriously, I love that those games. :-))

They're pretty great!
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2 years ago#16
I recommend purchasing Battlefield 4. 64 player Conquest is very enjoyable.
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2 years ago#17
GT is Security Shield
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