So is it really possible to make the xb1 more powerful then the ps4

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it takes a special level of dedication for someone to masquerade as a legitimate poster on an a console forum for a console that person doesnt own to do a roundabout way to spam the board of the hardware difference between the two consoles...
whens mahvel?
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Sxmfct posted...
It could be possible, I've been downloading RAM on my PC for years. Surely it will be simple enough to bring that option to consoles

What an age we live in

...I hope you're joking.
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SoulTrapper posted...

"I tend to lie! I was probably lying about my previous sentence"
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"Correct. Xbox One is Kinect." Microsoft VP
Really...seems this Day One Edition purchaser was "Madoff-ed by Microsoft."
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I just updated the software on my PS1 to play PS4 I'm getting a kick out of this thread.
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CapwnD posted...
What's the problem with you sony boys? Why are you so angry at a piece of plastic?

Wow. Didn't take long for a member of the Microsoft Defense Force to get angry and call someone a sony fanboy for no reason. Now where are kcypher, pblimp and lookslikerain to defend this little fella.
Must. Play. DESTINY.
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So by using software updates the Atari 2600 can play titanfall, the game itself looks like a 2600 game right now LOL
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come on greg.