Man if Titanfall is so dead...

#61sandersjr_basicPosted 7/2/2014 2:06:51 PM
gerbil_stuffa posted...
It's just an average game that's why.

Realistically it's 6/10. That's at a push

Ouch thats a rough score, but everyone is entitled to there own opinion. Titanfall is still a really fun game and I have trouble going back to other shooters because TF is so fun and chaotic! One of the bigger problems ive seen is that if your alone and not with a party, this game can be very difficult to play. 9/10 times a party of 3-6 just wreck people and even if you as an individual do so much to try and carry the team it still isnt enough. In most cases the team with titan superiority wins the match and its always better to communicate and run in groups with titan and its difficult to do so without a party. Alot of my friends refuse to play this game without other friends playing atm, but they still consider it to be a really fun and enjoyeable game.
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