Dragon Age: Inquisition Features Bioware's First 'Fully Gay' Male... *_*

#11darkshadowmasterPosted 7/1/2014 8:29:23 AM
as long as the game doesn't try to force me to romance him I don't care.
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Estocassassin posted...
Man gaming news must be in a real slump if this is considered news, or more likely writers hoping to spark a little controversy.

Farming them clicks

It isn't just that, seeing how many "OMG IF YOU DO NOT HAVE GAY PEOPLE IN YOUR GAME THEN YOU HATE GAYS" comments there actually are, no surprise this happened.
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This isn't the 80's for crying outloud, who cares if you're gay, besides Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty?
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ElPolloDiablo87 posted...
You're forgetting Steve.

I think they mean as an actual party member and not a side character. I actually thought Anders was gay in DA2 but I never played the game as a female so I didn't know he was bisexual.
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Ok cool i guess.
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lunchbox2042 posted...
Bioware makes me sick these days.

Responses like this which evince a primitive manner of thinking makes me sick these days.
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They better have full nudity on both sides. Too much boobs, and no dicks. Very unbalanced. And if they try to get away with having undergarments on during romance scenes, then they must patch it out.
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