Watching TV while gaming (Xbox One Vs. Wii U)

#1jayimmyPosted 7/1/2014 5:02:35 PM
I actually enjoy doing this, I know some people would never do this at all.

On the Xbox One you can snap the TV so its a small box in the corner of your TV, my TV is pretty big and I'm only about 2 feet away from it so its not that bad of a situation. You also have the option to adjust the volume of the snapped ap as well on the Xbox One so if I want to make my game compleatly silent I have that option or I can have both of the sound coming out of my TV, typically tho when I'm on my Xbox One I'm also in an Xbox Live party using my Kinect to chat so I can have up to 3 things coming out of my TV at once and sometimes that feels really hectic!

On the Wii U I don't have my TV connected to it so I don't know about the features with the WiiTV and what that offers but the fact that I can play Wii U games on the gamepad is sooooo swkjgilurgfiurhgiu#!)*#(&!!!!!! AWESOME!!! I absolutely love this feature!! I can still have the TV as a full screen and even still be in an Xbox Live party and be playing my Wii U games! This is one of the greatest things ever lol but I do have some gripes I recently ran into one where I clicked on something on the gamepad while playing Mario Kart Wii and I'm assuming it can not be accessed on the gamepad so I was forced to quit out of the game and reload. Other than that I prefer this method of watching TV while gaming

Do any of you guys also like to watch TV while gaming? And if so do you like the Xbox One style or the Wii U style, now I know you cant get Xbox One level games on the gamepad so that can be a drawback and can affect your decision, but I personally enjoy my Wii option over my Xbox One option!
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