Microsoft increasing protection, even from the Government.

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Microsoft says a lot of things
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they never before stood up
now they are getting backlash for snowden and they act like they care

actually yes they did. They did not comply with everything they were asked to give, only with legal documentation to back it up. You can google that.

What Snowden did was allow companies to fight back and in public where before they were basically told to keep their mouth shut. Once the cat is out of the bag it just became either to deal with. That is why all tech companies started doing things like this once it was out in the open.

this paranoia has to stop. The govt is not MS best friend. Don't forget, MS was targeted by the govt and almost forced to break up its divisions.

Do you really think the nsa said, hey ms give us all your stuff, and feel free to let people know.

no they said, here is what we want, there is a court order. You are not to disclose this to anyone. This is a national security issue.

guaranteed the second sentence is how it went. Other than the nsa trying to bully information without legal docs.