Any original Xbox games you'd like to see rereleased on the One?

#31Xero HourPosted 7/2/2014 1:39:52 PM
Baldur's Gate
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
#32mouse611Posted 7/2/2014 1:41:10 PM
I would honestly consider buying an xbox if they made another Voodoo Vince for it.
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#33falkedupPosted 7/2/2014 1:45:08 PM
Brute Force
Phantasy star online
Midnight club 3 dub edition remix
#34DarthUchiha91Posted 7/2/2014 1:45:52 PM
Gears, KOTOR, and Mass Effect series.
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#35GambitbuzzkillPosted 7/2/2014 1:46:22 PM
#36HairlessTugboatPosted 7/2/2014 1:47:14 PM
Fatal Frame II
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#37bob15xPosted 7/2/2014 1:48:44 PM
crimson skies
Freaky fliers
#38desert_santaPosted 7/2/2014 1:51:55 PM
I wouldn't mind kotor or shenmue or dreamfall.....
#39hoggys2much99Posted 7/2/2014 1:52:49 PM
A 360/Xbox One release of SHENMUE II would be fantastic.
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#40Styrof0amPosted 7/2/2014 1:53:17 PM
Spartan: Total Warrior
The Warriors


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