What game is a day one digital game for you?

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2 years ago#21
Diablo 3
Dragon Age or Shadow of Mordor (Haven't decide yet but not getting both games on release date)
NBA 2K15 (Love NBA games, but NBA 2K14 left a bad taste with the way they did microtransactions, so not sure I want to buy this year's game)
2 years ago#22
njkking01 posted...
mokmuud posted...
Destiny. I have it preordered through PSN.

xbox one needs this and preloading...

Unless there are pre-order perks for reserving through Xbox Store or PSN, I don't see the point of pre-ordering a digital game. Preloading though, that would be great for Xbox One.
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2 years ago#23
Sunset Overdrive and Arkham Knight.

Considering all the promos and deals on XBL credit lately, they'll be cheaper than any physical sales for me.
2 years ago#24
If it doesn't have a disc ...
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2 years ago#25
I've been all digital except Watch Dogs for both consoles. I've considered going physical again though because at least I have an option to trade it in. If I buy another digital game it'll either be NHL 15 or Halo MCC.
2 years ago#26
Forza Horizon 2 would be if they included pre order things, sucks that you get no pre order deals with digital.
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2 years ago#27
Sadly, titanfall was.
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2 years ago#28
If the price isn't right then nothing ever will be,
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2 years ago#29
Hopefully we can preload it.
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