PS4 version of Destiny has only less than 100k more preorders than XB1 version.

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Another 100k preorders with PS4 white bundle
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chitowngamer85 posted...
Well this is a game mainly attractive to western audiences, and the consoles are closer in western audiences. and its from the former halo studio. why is this surprising?

also, preordering is for chumps.

lol you are so wrong Europe is dying for this game and since the x1 is non existent compared to the ps4 over here I think the over all pre orders are way more for ps4 .
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Xeeh_Bitz posted...
Nothing coming out on either until years end, so what you expect?

I fixed this for you. Unless The Last of Us Remastered is counted as one of PS4's biggest releases this year.
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Izraeil posted...
I think you're missing the part where those are only US preorder figures where the install base gap is less than 20%. The gap will likely be on the Watch Dogs level for worldwide sales.

This. It cant be helped because ps4 version is superior due to ps4 superior hardware.
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lol vg chartz
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Because people want to play it on a superior multiplayer service
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Xeeh_Bitz posted...
Nothing coming out on the Xbox One until years end, so what you expect.

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So this thread is basically people celebrating that their console has LESS pre orders of a certain game?

I'll never understand console wars. I like both consoles equally.
Uncharted 4 will be the greatest game made this entire generation.
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I think the reason is: not enough JRPG elements.
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Superior service wow....

I thought everyone was smart enough to realize we are all playing on that devs servers.....

Meaning the exact same internet..... man some people are slow.