Phil Spencer Says He's Not Mad at Bungie

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MS can't afford to get angry at developers today, Xbone is getting destroyed by PS4, so developers don't actually need MS

Right, developers look at XB1's 5 million and count install base vs PS4s 7 million and are like, "PFFF we don't need a potential 5 million customers" because developers hate money.

This. 5 million xbone shipped to retailers and 7 million ps4 sold to customers. Not much a different.

I'm pretty sure PS4 is around or above the 8 million mark now. And shipped to retailers and sold to customers is completely different.
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The fact he said he's not mad, he's mad and this is damage control.
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Phil doesn't play games tho, so how you trusting him again?

He lives in Bellevue, Washington, with his wife and two daughters. In his free time he enjoys snowboarding, playing golf with his family and traveling.

He's been behind Xbox this entire time, he's even the on who said GWFL would not close, then a year, bam. Shut down this year. All he's doing is running his mouth, he hasn't changed much of anything since he held his position since 2009

Why do you keep comeing to his board you are so negative and bias towards xbox why do you keep trolling all day?
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He is clearly mad in that tweet.
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What is he supposed to? Call upon Bill Gates Leaugue of Evil to force Bunjie to submit?

He had a temper tantrum in private only
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