Destiny should be an exclusive for the X1

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Not good enough TC ask for COD to be X1 exclusive
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Damn you almost trolled everyone, gj TC
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MicrosoftLover posted...
Why do people say that the Xbox One has no games?

Sunset Overdrive is going to pull in AT LEAST 15-20Million in sales worldwide. That says a lot about the power of the Xbox One.

I wish I didn't see your user name... It ruined the funny
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It's exclusive to ps3-4 in japan, and has exclusive content on the ps4 worldwide, and bungie said that the game is being developed primarily for the ps4, and it was first revealed on the ps3/4 (after a while they confirmed that they will also get released on MS's consoles) so no it should not be xbone exclusive.
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I thought it was the PS4 that had no games?

Make up your mind
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