Best way to use beats and xbox one?

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Oh, I always forget that it's cool to hate on Beats because they're popular.
I love my Beats. I also have the Detox Edition, TC. They're great. Sorry I don't have an answer to your question.

"I tried Beats years ago, before my foray into headphones, and I thought they sounded awesome. Since then, I've tried numerous other headphones, and assumed that people hated Beats just because it was fashionable to do so. I assumed they were probably okay quality, but just overpriced due to the brand name. I recently tried a pair of Beats Studios again, and was shocked to find that I was wrong: they really aren't very good.

The problem isn't that the Beats have too much bass. It's that they have too much low quality bass, and that their mids and treble are even worse. If you want to hear what Beats sound like, pull up your equalizer and ram the midbass frequencies up a bit. There's not nearly enough definition to make the bass sound good, it's just...loud and boomy. Plus, it drowns out nearly everything else in the music—which is probably okay, because the treble and mids sound like they're coming from inside a well. "

To be fair, the only thing rap and hiphop ever uses is the bass.
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