Games with gold... or is that Bronze games for your gold?

#1mrpicPosted 7/3/2014 12:46:13 AM
Are you satisfied with games with gold on your xbox one? - Results (352 votes)
Nope, the games are poor and i feel insulted by them
21.59% (76 votes)
yes they are brilliant and i like free stuff
32.67% (115 votes)
There needs to be more quality games (retail)
22.16% (78 votes)
there needs to be more arcade style games (arcade games)
0.57% (2 votes)
Everything to do with GWG DwG is a farce and needs revamping
2.84% (10 votes)
ps4 free games are so much better its laughble
13.64% (48 votes)
i feel shortchanged but only marginally
6.53% (23 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I know yall hate to hear it but people who bough xbox one feel they have been shortchanged by quite a bit especially when looking at the amount of free games on ps4

couple that with the lets be honest pretty weak games given with games with gold and the fact we payed a hefty sum for our consoles and 90% of new console owners (that includes ps4) feel we dont have the games and honestly we xbox users deserve more than guacamelee max curse of the brotherhood and spartan assault,

they should 100% have been giving away a full price game like forza on games with gold and to add to that thats the sort of game we should get a rollover for a month on so more people get it and more people buy consoles to get it within time.

i know all your responses will be meh meh entitlement meh meh its free and you dont deserve anything ect

but guess what it may be free but im not greedy i pay for all my games i have never bought a hacked console or game and i fully supported the digital xbox one ideas for drm (it would have been better in the longrun)

We Deserve Better! games with gold!!
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Topic title was pretty bad I didnt read the rest of what you wrote because of bad topic title
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Nope. Halo Spartan Ops was just Okay. I enjoyed the concept of Max and Gaucamelee is actually a lot of fun. They just don't have enough titles right now. They give away great games on 360 (80% of which are better than a lot of the PSN Plus games imo) and I still have my 360 to enjoy them with.
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I'm loving it so far and what we get will only increase in quality and quantity as more titles are released...It's also free. I'm good.

Horrible title btw.
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Its only on the second month....
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PoweredMilkMan posted...
Entitled little s****, it's free stop crying about it.

gold is free?
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Do not not understand that they are a business and are in this to makes money? you only pay $40-60 a year for live and you expect 2 retail games a month which you will not get because they haven't even released the X1 in all markets yet and i am much happier with what i have got from the X1 compared to the ps4, the games they are giving away this month is a joke
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Shadowfxd2 posted...
PoweredMilkMan posted...
Entitled little s****, it's free stop crying about it.

gold is free?

Nope but the free games that come with your membership are.
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Mrtryhard up to no good again.
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