Hurry and vote in the poll of the day if u havent, we need to change it around!

#21edomon007Posted 7/4/2014 3:35:52 PM
I'll only get an Xbox One only if they have killer exclusive (not timed exclusive) indie games, rpg/jrpg games, kinect games that does not suck from my point of view.
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#22MrImpatient35Posted 7/4/2014 4:01:06 PM
lol I couldn't care less about gfaqs polls lol. They're almost always hella biased anyway. The polls are funny, but what's funnier to me is when people post the results as if that's somehow proof that X1 sucks lol.
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#23xtacb(Topic Creator)Posted 7/4/2014 5:32:50 PM
poll must be wrong cant be over 68% dont want xbox one

ppl need to vote to fix this!
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#24CapwnDPosted 7/4/2014 6:29:44 PM
I voted that I didn't want one. We already have two.
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#25Laylow12Posted 7/4/2014 7:19:13 PM
Thanks for the reminder. I voted I didn't want one and never will!

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#26xtacb(Topic Creator)Posted 7/4/2014 9:54:08 PM
poll is over...

now its Wii U Poll...
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#27Miiri0Posted 7/4/2014 9:59:56 PM
Shik_stick posted...
Raddy8 posted...
Most people vote for the popular answer, and it's popular to hate Microsoft.

Or maybe most people just don't have any interest in the Xbox One? Once you get past the fanboy bias and paranoia you may actually see, that despite all the BS, the Xbox One is just not a good system and people don't want it.

This. Now xbone is 4million units behind ps4. The poll is pretty spot in
#28IzanamlPosted 7/4/2014 10:15:15 PM
And the loser is... Xbox One!
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#29atl88Posted 7/4/2014 10:58:52 PM
derrate posted...
It doesn't effect anything but it lets us know who won the console war.

Clouds being white doesn't effect you but you know its a fact.

I looted in just to let you know I died laughing at this post!!!


Well done good sir!
#30AceAndJunpeiPosted 7/4/2014 11:01:25 PM
CapwnD posted...
I voted that I didn't want one. We already have two.

Only two?

Ha , you're clearly not living the One experience! The power of One...times three.
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