Do not buy this external drive

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Vivaldi7 posted...

Thanks for that. Interesting with that Samsung. I have had nothing but problems with Samsung over the years, though. Of course the x1 has a Samsung drive as did the non-slim launch 360's did. With the 360 slim they went with Seagate.
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jairusmonillas posted...
Seagate is the best internal and external HDD.

I have never owned a Seagate drive that didn't crash and burn on me. I realize my experience isn't indicative of everyone else's, but I could never recommend Seagate to anyone that I didn't hate.

Western Digital all the way, for me.
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Have you tried another external drive on the X1, could be an issue with the X1. Test the external on a computer. Use this application to test

Don't worry about it being from a different company, it'll perform the same. If you have no issues, I suggest swapping USB ports on the X1. It could very well be an issue with the OS since that feature was recently introduced irc.
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