Microsoft will compete better once the console gets released in 29 new countries

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cminc posted...
Microsoft is succeeding and will continue to be successful regardless of whether you guys like or not. The fact that theyve sold what they have WITH all the negative press, WITH next to no consumer buzz and WITHOUT either of their two marquee titles is a testament to that.

The xbox one was billed to be worse than the antichrist by pretty much everyone since its announcement and all the way up until its release, where it was still 100 dollars more than ps4. It's hard to imagine sony NOT selling more units under those circumstances, isnt it? I dont see why the sony side is so pumped over what should have been a foregone conclusion from the start. Plus ps4 has better specs that were supposed to equate to '40% more power.'

I guess new visions, new features and quality, worthwhile exclusives that arent big budget and halfassed imitations to better games still kind of matter a little bit to some people, huh?

But, hey, youll probably have more indies than us for a while! AND youve got killzone, infamous and baseball right now! Soon, you'll have a re-release of last years big ps3 game! And maybe lbp3 for christmas! And next year might net you vr that wont see support AND a cover shooter that doesnt cover shoot.

All tongue in cheek fanboy crap aside, i really do honestly feel terrible for you guys. Sony is so sadly and very obviously doomed.

Have fun with your re-hashes of Halo and sitting on the edge of your seat for GOW that isn't coming for who knows how many years. Oh, right, and the next Halo. Tons of stuff you guys have coming >.>
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