XBOX ONE Kinect for Windows Will Cost $200!! Releasing on July 15th!!

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Microsoft has opened pre-orders on its own online store for the Windows-compatible version of Xbox Oneís 2.0 Kinect. What might surprise those unfamiliar with windows-based Kinect applications is the unitís price, which is $199.

It gets less surprising if you look at the price of the Windows version of the old Xbox 360 Kinect, which is priced $149 for students and a whopping $249 for everyone else. Apparently a discounted price for students isnít available for the 2.0 version, at least for now. The unit will ship on July 15th.

The rather pricey gadget doesnít even ship with any software, and is designed to work with the Kinect for Windows Software Development Kit 2.0, which has to be licensed separately and will be available this month as a public beta. That kind of clause indicates quite clearly that this is an offer aimed more to developers than to actual gamers.
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nobody cares.
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Solnot posted...

Though I never plugged mine in to my X1, I actually like the Kinect--but not on my gaming console.

I'd much rather plug a Kinect into a computer to experiment with and hack.
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Its spelled 'Cunneckt'
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Who the hell is going to buy it for that sort of price?
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you can do Voice with much cheaper options than that on a PC.
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apollian24 posted...
you can do Voice with much cheaper options than that on a PC.

Someone has no clue of the real purpose for Kinect on Windows...
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MrSpaM111 posted...
Who the hell is going to buy it for that sort of price?

It's an amazing piece of technology for windows. I watched a guy do a demo at my school. He used the kinect for some sort of motion capture, put a student into a small video game or something. It was years ago with the original kinect, so I don't really remember exactly what he did, but I remember being totally wowed by it.
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