I wanna show how good Upload studios can be, post yours as well please!!!

#1AgentLockePosted 7/8/2014 12:07:09 AM
Hey guys, I've seen some people ask how good Upload studios was so i wanted to post this. I've put some time into trying to get everything i can out if it, this video is the best I've got. I just want to show how much you can get out of it with a little time. Maybe more then a little, the "KB" intro alone was honestly 8 hours of work, but i plan to use it for all montages. I'd like to add how excited i am to make Halo 2 montages finally. Thats something i always wanted to do.

Heres the link to my BF4 Montage http://1drv.ms/TPl9O8

All upload studio, music was just added with my polk headset next to a speaker... It sounds better than you guys might think. The intro was made with trials, but you can only get it to show without the hud for half a second, so i had to record a beginning and end piece, splice them together as a 1 second clip then put them on top of each other (incase anyone was curious :-) ) Anyways I've put a ridiculous amount of work into making this and I'd love some feedback. I'd also LOVE to see any montages you guys have made with Upload. I bet you could make a bada** one with Dead Rising.

Bring em on guys...
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#2KID VIDPosted 7/8/2014 12:20:30 AM
You did all that editing through your Xbox? I was under the impression that you can only put 5 clips together. That was pretty good. I liked it.
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#3AgentLocke(Topic Creator)Posted 7/8/2014 12:32:49 AM
Thanks man, yea all upload studios. As for the clips, when you put those 5 clips together and save them that becomes one clip so you can basically go 5 clips, then 9 clips (5 in 1) and so on. That's why i made this thread, I want to show people how deep it can be if you take the time. I won't lie tho, I also really wanted feedback on the montage. It was a lot of work and I have not got to show it off at all yet.

I really do hope to see other's montages tho, I'd love to get some idea's and see what the community can do.

( On a side note, and this is to everyone, sorry for coming across as such an a** in all my post's today. Its been a ridiculously LONG 2 days getting ready for this family reunion... My patience has been at zero. I honestly kinda feel bad at how much of a a** I've been )
The Xbox one forum should be called the "Xbox vs Ps4" forum.
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It's great that those without strong and often times expensive PC setups and editing programs can still create groovy vids on Xbox One. I personally use an Elgato Game Capture HD and Sony Vegas pro. But props to you dude. :-) I really didn't expect the Upload studio to be so deep.
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#6AgentLocke(Topic Creator)Posted 7/8/2014 12:24:36 PM
Nobody's got any montages to show? Or anything else cool made with upload? Lets post some clips guys!
The Xbox one forum should be called the "Xbox vs Ps4" forum.
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#7DonVito1990Posted 7/8/2014 1:13:43 PM

Clip i made in ufc
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#8tubb311Posted 7/8/2014 1:22:20 PM
I just have a bunch of random clips, nothing special and definitely nothing edited. haven't really bothered with it to be honest.


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Looks great TC!

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Nice montage TC, you're pretty good with that sniper.

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