Destiny Multiplayer Count Is 6 Vs 6 Will There Be Rage Over It?

#31Shik_stickPosted 7/8/2014 12:03:31 PM
It is not a big deal because the game has a TON of content besides the VS MP. Titanfall was ONLY the VS MP...which is very shallow.

That is why people made such a big deal over it with Titanfall and why they will not care with Destiny. I don't care either way about either of the games MP count so it makes no difference to me, Im just pointing out an observation.
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Can't wait for the next gen of xbox and playstation where it will be 1 vs 1 @ 15 FPS!! TREU NEX GENZ!!!
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WHAT! It's not 32 vs 32?

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No because it's not an X1 exclusive.




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Games should only be released at 1080p, 60fps, 32 vs 32 multiplayer, full matchmaking, independent servers, perfect balance, beautiful high-resolution textures, 50-hour single player story mode, endless multiplayer with downloadable content as completely free updates for the next three years, and it should cost exactly 50/$60 with zero possible further inputs from the consumer to be even ELIGIBLE for my wallet.

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ass backwards...I remember 2002 the average game was 8v8
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Rybal posted...
Also, other than Battlefield, which console shooters are more than 6v6?

Call of Duty, Killzone
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Not buying or playing this for MP,playing this game as if it was BL but with more people,I have a feeling the MP is going to be garbage and unbalanced and will come down to what loot you have and not skill,or even worse everyone using the same gun because its op epic.
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Destiny has been given the "Oh, it's on PS4 as well? Eh, not very interested in it anymore..." treatment for months now.
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ImDyinSquirtle posted...
Rybal posted...
Also, other than Battlefield, which console shooters are more than 6v6?

Call of Duty, Killzone

We see how well that worked for Killzone lol. That MP community didn't last too long after launch.
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