G'day XBROS!! Update lets your XBOX ONE speak with an accent!!

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MRL3G3ND posted...
each update is like 1-2 gigs for little bs like this smh

For one they are not that big and two it overwrites previous info not taking up any extra space.
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They updated the article

Correction at 6:43 a.m. PT Wednesday: This story inaccurately stated the nature of one of the Xbox One updates. The update allows the console to understand more accents spoken by users.

For example, beyond just choosing United States as your location, you can select English Australian as your language if you're a bloke from Down Under and would like your console to pick up your accent. People from New Zealand, Ireland, and Austria will also be able to choose voice control using the English or German voice models from other countries. The goal is to help the Xbox One interpret more of your voice commands by knowing your particular accent.

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and they still wont give us a universal turn off vibration and invert the controls option? but the console can now understand accents after we whined so much to get rid of the Kinect? also I must ask how have these countries been using the Kinect this entire time if it didn't understand accents?

I applaud their listening to the fans but I swear they listen to the dumbest things.....a useful easy turn off vibration option(which would help as vibration hurts my hands....stupid tendon problems).....BUT BY GALLY I CAN SNAP DEM ACHIEVEMENTS GUYZ!!!!!
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Geist posted...
MRL3G3ND posted...
Geist posted...
MRL3G3ND posted...
each update is like 1-2 gigs for little bs like this smh

So you really don't own an XB1 do you...?

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So could it be I'm talking common sense and you just don't follow
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what do I have to lie for? On Monday I sat in front of my TV and played Watch_dogs ctOS mobile game while my xbox downloaded a 1800mb update

what grade are you in kind sir...and which lunch table brigade do you fight for?
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