Can someone explain to me what makes Destiny a different kind of FPS?

#11VoidBeyondPosted 7/8/2014 3:53:54 PM
AwayFromHere posted...
Borderlands in space without the humor.

sanas_thiritu posted...
I hear it's like a halo mmo fps without master chief..

Both of these are correct.
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MrImpatient35 posted...
AwayFromHere posted...
Borderlands in space without the humor.

I LOVE RPG + FPS Hybrids like Borderlands, so I'm interested in Destiny for that reason. I also hear that you can level up your gear. Very cool.

Same here. I mentioned that in another thread that adding RPG gameplay elements to an FPS instantly makes it more enjoyable to me. I think games like Fallout and Borderlands are some of the best in the world.

I honestly am not 100% sure how I feel about Destiny though. I played the alpha and I enjoyed it, but I noticed the Bungie-ness of the game and couldnt shake it. Something about that futuristic plastic-y feel with futuristic guns that doesnt vibe well with me. The game was cool and all, but I think I need more time with the full game to make my final decision.
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90% of borderlands humor is stuff I would have found funny ten years ago and find really cheesy most of the time so no bad humor is good