Metro remaster set is 1080p/60fps on PS4, 900p/60fps on Xbox One

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The only difference I can ever make out is the frames per second so that would be the only thing I could actually care about, and that's not a big deal to me anyway
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Resolution resolution resolution. Resolution? Resolution.

the language of this board ^

After all these trolly resolution topics, I am pretty sure that I am never going to get a PS4.
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This is ancient news that has been posted before TBQH.
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Kupo_Mog_Kupo posted...
This is ancient

divas these days.
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thegrimgunner posted...
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1. Old
2. Who cares?

I'd assume those looking to get the best multi-plat experience do, assuming they not PC players.

The general public do not care. The casual or just those who enjoy playing video games but rarely go to forums dont care. If they did. They'd own PC's?

looks like the general public is also buying ps4s so I guess everything works out

Has no effect on me. One of my friends own a PS4 out of the 6-7 who bite the next gen bullet..... So I guess. Each to his own? I still dont think people care about any of this specification crap. Its simply propaganda.
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its the same damn game on both systems why does it matter what p it is when are people going to get over this if you care about resolution so much go play games on pc at 4k or whatever the new hd is

4k (and 8k supposedly) is considered Ultra HD.

12k should be considered Super Ultra Mega Hyper Edition HD when it comes out.

720p+ should always be considered "HD" by definition I suppose. /shrug
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Yeah sweet..seems like every game getting remade are games I haven't played
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schmarkenheimer posted...
blitz_0623 posted...
1. Old
2. Who cares?

I'd assume those looking to get the best multi-plat experience do, assuming they not PC players.

and more than graphics comes into play when dealing with "experience" those being the network and the gamepad.
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Ohhh, look! Posters coming into a thread about graphics and say how much they don't care about graphics and resolution.

Not sure if they're trying to convince themselves or other posters.

Thanks for the link, TC. I'll pass it on.

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Sucked because its 900p.

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The reason people care is because more people are getting 1080p TVs/Monitors. Any non-native resolution suffers when upscaled or stretched. Side by side, it's significantly easy to notice the Xbox One versions running even at 900p are less detailed and blurry compared against the same game running on 1080p on the PS4.

Not to mention that when Microsoft initially announced the Xbox One, their own hype banner specifically stated Next Generation Graphics with 1080p/60 support. A performance level that is proving to be out of reach for modern games since it's already been proven that a double buffer 1080p resolution with minor post processing is nearing the limit of 32MB of ESRAM. More games are relying heavily on post processing and why the 32MB simply isn't enough. They would have done better with 40MB of ESRAM.

Microsoft themselves are a victim of their own marketing. Their own use of "Best Experience on the Xbox360" resulted in sites that compared both the PS3 and Xbox360. Now that those features are more known and advertised, it's the PS4 that gets to take that advantage.
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