Dragon Age Inquisition looks awesome. (Gameplay video link)

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InjusticeReborn posted...
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Footage was either pc or xbone. You can see little green A's an such from time to time. No green A button on ps4 that I know of.

And I believe they announced the qunari as a race option a while ago. One thing about that unnerves me a bit though. The female qunari just doesn't feel or sound right with that soft English voice. I feel like she should sound...tougher or something! It's a minor thing though.

I also like that they've tried to blend the combat between the styles of Origins and DA2. So far, it looks like they've done a good job.

Yeah, I thought that about the voice for the female Qunari also, but I'm hoping we'll have a voice selection like in Origins. :3

Having recently started my re-playing of Origins, I did kind of chuckle when the female Qunari was confirmed in that video (at first I thought it was just a tall slender character with a helmet :P), only because I've just met Sten in Origins, and recently expired the conversation where female Qunari aren't warriors/don't fight. :P

There is a British and an American voice for either gender across all races.
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I love both previous DA games, and the more I see of this one I think I may put off buying some of the other games coming out in October/November just to get lost in this world again. Also, I cannot wait to create my Qunari warrior, and I'm so glad to see Leliana back and kicking arse!!!!
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Absolutely amazing. I was looking forward to destiny the most.now I'm conflicted.day 1 for sure
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AkumaOutsider posted...
Absolutely amazing. I was looking forward to destiny the most.now I'm conflicted.day 1 for sure

There's a month to play destiny to your hears content
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Disappeared off Gamefaqs for the weekend and just made it back today. Not going to lie, I must have watched this video at least 6-7 times since I posted this. I think I might have to jump on that "most anticipated" statement with you, Injustice. It feels weird dethroning Sunset Overdrive in that regards, but this really looks neat.

Day 1 for sure. Hype is definitely in full force...let's just hope its not a letdown!
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Gameplay doesn't look very engrossing and the writing is standard Bioware so I'll keep my expectations in check. Art direction is stunning, though.
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Footage was on PC since it is first and foremost a PC game.
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I am actually playing through Origins on my PC right now so I am all full up in DA. I had forgotten how good the character development was in it.

Can't wait for this one.
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I am definitely going to purchase Dragon Age: Inquisition. One of the ten locations in the game is four to five times the size of Dragon Age: Origins.
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Damn, I wasn't planning on getting this way to go TC :-P

Also, damn can't believe you're really 6'8 lol you didn't look that tall on your share videos.

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