Console exclusive games.

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idrc82 posted...
Agree. Console wars have always existed but now the reasons are just ridiculous. Now its all about power, games dont even matter. If I can recall correctly during sega vs nintendo. The snes was a lot more powerful than the genesis yet it was never really used as an argument against genesis. It was all about games! Sonic vs mario! Streets of rage vs final fight etc. Sigh.. those were the days.

Your forgetting one thing. This was the first time when a more powerful console cost less than the weaker one. And when you have one console outperforming the other more expensive one then that can make decisions quite easier to make.

In other words, I still find Multi-platforms as the leading appeal. And sense there is one out there that does it better, there really is t much to think about in regards to that aspect of gaming.

Exclusives are just as subjective as multi-platforms but there are higher acclaimed multiplatforms out there than exclusives.
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