What's more important? Indies+better multiplats or multiplats+better exclusives?

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only thing keeping the xb1 from getting all the indies that seem to be flocking to the ps4 are its outdated requirements for devs like release parity. The ps4 has no requirement which is why some brain deads think Sony is focusing on indie games when in actuality its just much easier to port over from the pc than it was on the ps3.

"Indies are preventing AAA titles" goes on my i-might-as-well-be-holding-a-sign-saying-idk-what-im-talking-about list right under the term "lazy dev"
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If it is all about the gameplay, then the obvious answer is B. The Xbox is the obvious winner this generation.

But the generation is far from over. If the ps3 was any indication sony starts off really slow and gets going halfway through.

That's not true at all; the PS3 outsold the 360 every year it was available except 2008. People think this only because it came out a year later, when in reality it was kicking the 360's butt everywhere but the US & UK since launch. And we all know what the PS4 is doing right now to the Xbone.

He is talking about games, with good gameplay. Not systems sold dnmt.

What this poster said. I meant in terms of exclusives not systems sold.